This October, we're raising funds for the U.G.L.Y Bartender of the year!

How can you help? Click here to make a donation or come into our Cabramatta venue & leave a donation on the bar!

All proceeds will go towards helping beat blood cancer with the Leukaemia Foundation.

If you see an U.G.L.Y bartender at our venue, take a photo & send it in for your chance to feature on our website for the month of October!

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Being U.G.L.Y. is a beautiful thing  

Blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma.  

Another 35 Australians are diagnosed each and every day. Treatment is long and mostly provided in major hospitals. For regional families, that means moving to the city so they can access life-saving blood cancer treatment. 

Every $80 you raise helps the Leukaemia Foundation to provide a family with one night’s accommodation - at no cost to them - relieving emotional and financial stress when they need help the most. 

Could you raise $560 to give a local family a home-away-from-home for a week?